at every juncture of the process, sue was there

In 2006, my home was about to be built in Lamy, New Mexico. I met the builder and I met his realtor Sue Garfitt, at the site. Sue became essential as I decided to purchase. All this was taking place before the builder had broken ground. I often wished Sue had been my realtor as well.

Through the entire purchase process, Sue Garfitt was instrumental at every step.

16 plus years later I decided to sell my home in Lamy. The first call I made was to Sue Garfitt.
Selling the home you’ve lived in for nearly 17 years is complex from the organizational viewpoint
and difficult emotionally, I loved my home and the area, however, circumstances made the sale necessary.

Sue, came to my home and we began to discuss the possibility of a sale. Sue is calm, professional and sensitive, completely understanding how difficult it is to sell one’s home. I had several concerns, she answered all my questions and suggested a price for the listing. In every way possible, I was relieved.

Sue has over 35 years of realty experience in Santa Fe. As we sat together discussing a daunting to do list I realized I would rely upon her guidance for pricing and representation of my home. Sue directed the photography session, and when I saw the perfect and lovely online listing I had to resist a case of sellers of remorse.

At every juncture of the process Sue was there; early in the morning, later in the evening
available by phone answering all my questions including the best home repair services.

Whether you find yourself considering a sale or purchase, I could not possibly recommend anyone other than Sue Garfitt. If I were to do it again I would turn to Sue.