Fastidious attention to detail, boundless patience and prodigious knowledge

When it came time to sell my house, Fred put a small miracle in motion. Without even listing the house on MLS, within a couple weeks he had the house sold. Sue brought in a string of preselected prospective buyers and oversaw the details of closing the sale.

Fred guided me through the primeval forest of New Mexico real estate law, putting his legal training once more to good use. He watched over every detail of the survey, carefully examined and refined closing documents, avoiding potential confusion. When you add Fred’s fastidious attention to detail to his boundless patience and prodigious knowledge, you realize you have employed exceptional representation. His competence is founded on a precise perception of what his clients want to achieve. From the very beginning, Fred listens to clients’ needs and desires carefully, and with genuine interest. He speaks with a considered thoughtfulness unusual in today’s fast-paced commercial world. It does not take long to realize that his success is due in large part to the genuine satisfaction he derives from helping people find homes they love. In short, he’s a “natural” at what he does. And so I thank Fred and Sue.