They are well aware of what’s going on in that part of the real estate market.

My wife and I were represented by Sue Garfitt and Fred Raznick during 2016 and 2017 as our agents for the sale of an Eldorado property.

It turned out to be a property that was difficult to sell, having to do primarily with layout features that were not popular with the purchasing community at the time the house was being marketed. I think this took all of us by surprise. I appreciate that Sue and Fred stood by us, advised us as to what they were seeing in the marketplace, and saw us through to an eventual sale. Also, that once it became evident that this was not going to be easy, that they devoted special promotion to the property in the form of frequent broker open houses and general open houses; whatever they could think of to give the property as much exposure as possible.

Their communication to me was always clear and timely. This means letting me know what was going on during the showing process, communication with other brokers, clients, and inspectors; as well as my responsibilities as to providing data regarding the property. All aspects of paperwork, contracts, disclosures, etc., were handled without any mistakes. When the various inspectors that the buyer employed pointed out legitimate areas of concern that I should remedy, they communicated that to me and assisted me in who I might best employ to address those situations. In cases where a building inspector was clearly mistaken—and this did occur—they stood by me when I disputed the inspectors conclusions.

Following the sale of the property, I continued to receive assistance from them when the buyer was delinquent in regard to transferring utilities into her name.

Sue and Fred know Eldorado well, both having lived in that community for a long time; they know well the other communities in which they represent properties, also. By choosing to specialize in a geographic area within the larger Santa Fe community it is my observation that they are well aware of what is going on in that part of the real estate market. Having said that, I would caution any seller, at this time, to be aware that buyers are very particular and, in my view and experience (having sold three properties in the last five years here in Santa Fe), have an upper hand in negotiation: the supportable pricing of a property is critical in achieving a satisfactory sale.

Yes, I would use Fred and Sue again; especially in connection with a sale in Eldorado or nearby communities.